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Mobile pressing compactor ASK 10 – 24

This compactor is designed for pressing and transporting cardboard and plastic materials and the municipal waste. The standard produced versions include 10 m3, 20 mand 24 m3. The pressing part is fixed to the container. The container has conic sides in order to enable better emptying.

The massive  single-wing  door with  rectifiers  enables  perfect  shifting  of  the  pressed waste inside the container. The door can be equipped with rubber sealing  in order to prevent the liquid waste leakage. The door is equipped with three hinges ratchet mechanism.



This  compactor  is  equipped  with  the  tensing  hook  (handling  hook  can  be  provided  upon request). In order to enable simple handling, the press is equipped with four scrolls.

The hydraulic system  is placed  in the container upper right part or over the slide part. The servicing door for the hydraulic cylinders is equipped with a safety switch.



A yellow indicator signals that the container is filled at 80%; when 100% filling occurs, the pressing process automatically stops.

The pressing cycle (moving  the slide  forward and backwards)  takes approx 55 seconds.

If required, two pressing periods can be set. The times are preset to 10 and 60 minutes as a standard.

If  required,  a  GSM  module  can  be  install  to  provide  remote  information  regarding  the pressing process and the container fullness via SMS.


Optional accessories:

  • Lid with gas springs
  • Aluminium lid cover
  • Locking lids
  • Lid sealing
  • Flexible placement of the hydraulic equipment
  • Efficient hydraulic aggregate
  • Oil cooling or heating
  • Optical sensor for the start-up
  • Manipulation hook on the door
  • Front or side topper (loader)
  • Partial or complete rubber sealing of the door or the flap



Optional accessories:

  • Side walls
  • High hopper
  • High hopper closed from the top, with side or front filling door
  • Side walls with camber lids, automatic opening with loader
  • Side walls with a reverse bent lid for the loader transportation




Volume10 m³20 m³24 m³
Hopper volume3,5 m³3,5 m³3,5 m³
Hopper length over press side1 300 mm1 300 mm1 300 mm
Hopper width over press side2 070 mm2 070 mm2 070 mm
Hopper height over press side740 mm740 mm740 mm
Volume of press cycle1,25 m31,25 m31,25 m3
Press slide width1 940 mm1 940 mm1 940 mm
Press slide height540 mm540 mm540 mm
Hopper length in front of press slide1 200 mm1 200 mm1 200 mm
Press cycle timecca 55 sec.cca 55 sec.cca 55 sec.
Pressing powermax 31 tmax 31 tmax 31 t
Working pressuremax 240 barmax 240 barmax 240 bar
Volume per hourcca 82 m3cca 82 m3cca 82 m3
Length L4660 mm6600 mm7040 mm
Width2450 mm2450 mm2450 mm
Height H12500 mm2500 mm2500 mm
Infill height H21 655 mm1 655 mm1 655 mm
Electric input5,5 kW5,5 kW5,5 kW
Voltage3 x 400 V3 x 400 V3 x 400 V
Protection16 A16 A16 A
Weight3800 kg4600 kg4860 kg


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